H Rushton & Co is a family run business established in 1946 currently now being run by Damien Rushton.

Our primary business is providing Brookton and surrounds with reliable farming equipment, genuine service and stocked spare parts department and Tyre services.

Our staff are qualified and knowledgeable to help with any issues that may arise, providing a mobile mechanical service as well as a fully stocked workshop and spare parts department.

We provide a wide range of farming equipment with our primary machinery brands being Fendt and Massey Ferguson.  We stock the genuine parts for these machines and can easily source any parts you may need.

Implementing our marketing plan within our business and to our customer base will allow a good relationship and a continuing improvement and learning with our business moving forward.

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We believe in long term, responsible, fair and transparent relations with our employees, customers, partners, and the community. This means good business for us. We shall operate our business affairs to the letter and spirit of the Law and our actions must be ethical every time. Acting ethically and honourably wins loyalty from our customers.

Passion & Dedication

Our customers put their heart into their work, and so do we in ours. This means working with passion. We are convinced that only with enthusiasm and commitment the best results are achieved.

Service Excellence

We analyse requirements and meet them with solutions and actions that benefit our customers most. We believe that service excellence begins with each employee’s commitment to improve the things no matter how small that are in their control. By keeping an “at your service” attitude and striving to exceed our customers’ and each other’s expectations, we are working hard to become a benchmark for superior service not just in WA, but in Australia.

Back up Service

A customer orientated organisation and operating structure to improve customer experience and support them before, during and after sales.